Pastor's Note
A word from Reverend, Dr. Allison Byerley, Senior Pastor

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Did you know that the selection of the fourth Thursday in November was a deliberate one for the holiday? It was chosen because it is an ordinary day, not distinct for any particular reason, to remind us that we are to be thankful ALL days.

I am thankful for each one of you! Our stewardship series has shown once again that you are generous beyond expectation and that you believe in what God is doing among us and want to bless it and be a part of it. For those of you who made a conscious choice to begin tithing or to take steps toward the tithe, I am doubly grateful. I didn't tithe until I entered ministry, and now that I do, I know what a blessing it is in my life. I hope that you will also find it to be one. As I said in my sermon, tithing will change the way you look at your bank account; each dollar will have a mission.

If you have not yet returned your Estimate of Giving card, it's not too late. You can drop it in the offering plate or bring it by the office. Thank you to all who have returned theirs or will. Glenn Sutherland, our treasurer reports that over $100,000 has been pledged!

As we give thanks for this congregation's generosity and head toward our nation's celebration of Thanksgiving, I offer this story with a very different perspective on giving:

The makers of Butterball-brand turkeys operate something they call the "Butterball Turkey Talk Line." It's an 800-number you can call, to get tips on how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. They get some pretty strange calls, but none so strange as the woman who called up, wanting to know if it was safe to defrost and cook a Butterball turkey she'd had in her freezer for 26 years.

The answer came back that, provided the turkey had been properly wrapped and continuously frozen at a low-enough temperature, it was technically safe to eat — but that, sadly, its quality would not be good.

"That's what we thought," the caller replied. "We'll give it to the church."

Thank you for bringing your first fruits to God! Happy Thanksgiving!


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